Day: March 2, 2018

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From Passion to Cynism in Peter Shaffer’s Equus

The present paper aims to offer an overview of Dixon’s From Passions to Emotions: The Creation of a Secular Psychological Category and Pugmire’s Sound Sentiments: Integrity in the Emotions, emphasizing the historical evolution and descent of emotions into abstract secularization and the nature of emotional vices, respectively. The theoretical background


On Studying Teachers’ Self Esteem Based on Revised Janis Scale Application

Self-esteem is one of the most pertinent notions that has enjoyed a long period of interest. Researchers’ findings on self-esteem posit that a healthy level of self-esteem usually results in positive outcomes and reflects on behaviours, performances and even personal handwriting. Thus, the current paper highlights the eminence of self-esteem

Questioning Communication Models and Constructs: Qualitative Distinctions

Central issues in linguistics and semiotics can be addressed through reflection on the underlying concepts in models and constructs. General models or constructs do not always fit particular instances of their application. General models are useful, but qualitative and ontological differences are given insufficient attention. Some key models and constructs

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La relation entre les attitudes et la motivation des apprenants iraniens du fle, et le choix et l’utilisation des stratégies d’apprentissage

Some studies (e.g. Bialystok 1979 and Wenden 1991) show a relationship between attitude and choice of learning skills, and some others (e.g. Oxford and Nyikos 1989) a causal link between motivation and use of learning skills. It seems that a learner chooses a specific goal rather than another depending on

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Risk-Assessment for Stylistic Problems in Writing and Translating Technical Texts

In adjusting the terminology and methodology of risk-assessment to linguistic studies, we propose the identification of the hazards implied by the excessive usage of technical jargon, before we take a decision on how and to whom it may cause harm. Jargon represents the technical or secret vocabulary used by specialists

Combattre la terreur: Emplois de l’apostrophe dans les mémoires de madame roland

Pendant le règne de terreur de la Révolution française, Madame Roland a écrit ses Mémoires en prison, alors qu’elle attendait l’exécution. Les mémoires sont divisés en plusieurs sections et fragments qui ont été sortis clandestinement de ses amis. Il y a une partie de ce texte où il est souligné

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The Relationship Between Metacognitive Strategy Use, Good Language Learner, and Iranian Efl Learner’s Willingness to Communicate

Since communicative aspects of language get noticeable attention and learning strategy use is taken as one of the significant ways for second and foreign language learning and teaching, any attempts to investigate is relationship between metacognitive strategies, learner characteristics, and willingness to communicate seem warranted. To fulfill this goal, 95