Day: February 15, 2018

Cross-Linguistic Analysis of Body Part Metaphor Conceptualization from a Cognitive Semiosis Perspective

In accordance with Lakovian cognitive linguistics in metaphoric analysis, this paper aims to explore the human cognitive capacity of metaphoric conceptualization of body parts. A contrastive analysis on the cognitive features of metaphorical expressions utilizing various body parts pertaining to the ‘head’ domain, e.g., face and tongue in the English and Farsi languages

Looking for Oriental Fundamentals Fuzzy Logic

For quite some time we have been trying to trace the river of Non-Classical Logics, and especially, Fuzzy Logic, trying to find the sources of this today flowing quite mighty river. Following from Lotfi A. Zadeh, we have traced his inspiring, the Polish logician Jan Lukasiewicz, who in turn was

Suicide: Neurochemical Approaches

Despite the devastating effect of suicide on numerous lives, there is still a dearth of knowledge concerning its neurochemical aspects. There is increasing evidence that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and Nerve growth factor (NGF) are involved in the pathophysiology and treatment of depression through binding and activating their cognate receptors

An Enhancement over Texture Feature Based Multiclass Image Classification Under Unknown Noise

In this paper we deal with classification of multiclass images using statistical texture features with two approaches. One with statistical texture feature extraction of the whole image, another with feature extraction of image blocks. This paper presents an experimental assessment of classifier in terms of classification accuracy under different constraints

Intelligent Continuous Double Auction Method for Service Allocation in Cloud Computing

Market-oriented approach is an effective method for resource management because of its regulation of supply and demand and is suitable for cloud environment where the computing resources, either software or hardware, are virtualized and allocated as services from providers to users. In this paper a continuous double auction method for

Isomorphism Between Estes’ Stimulus Fluctuation Model and a Physical- Chemical System

Although Estes’ Stimulus Sampling Theory has almost completely lost its influence, its theoretical framework has not been disproved. Particularly, one theory in that framework, Stimulus Fluctuation Model, is still important because it explains spontaneous recovery. In this short note, the process of the theory is shown to be isomorphic to

High Performance Data Mining by Genetic Neural Network

Data mining in computer science is the process of discovering interesting and useful patterns and relationships in large volumes of data. Most methods for mining problems is based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Neural network optimization based on three basic parameters topology, weights and the learning rate is a powerful method.

Performance Analysis of Unsupervised Clustering Methods for Brain Tumor Segmentation

Medical image processing is the most challenging and emerging field of neuroscience. The ultimate goal of medical image analysis in brain MRI is to extract important clinical features that would improve methods of diagnosis & treatment of disease. This paper focuses on methods to detect & extract brain tumour from

Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence for Automation – Foundations, Concepts and Implementation Examples

Over the last decades, automation technology has made serious progress and can today automate a wide range of tasks having before needed human physical and mental abilities. Nevertheless, a number of important problem domains remain that cannot yet be handled by our current machines and computers. A few prominent examples