Month: February 2018

Maeterlinck, the Myth-Maker? on the Relationship of L’Oiseau Bleu to Other Versions of the Motif

This paper deals with Maurice Maeterlinck’s L’Oiseau Bleu and the question of its adaptability. The play has a history of big-budget adaptations encompassing seven decades; yet, no major film version has been successful, either commercially or critically. This essay offers a hypothesis for the continuing fascination of generations of directors in face

Mediating Iranian Efl Learners: Private Speech and Scaffolding in Reading Comprehension

In Sociocultural Theory (SCT), mediations in second language learning include (1) mediation by others (2) mediation by self (3) mediation by artifacts, which incorporates brilliant insights for EFL contexts (Lantolf, 2000a). Putting these ideas in a task-based method, the present study aimed at examining the contribution of scaffolding and private

The Effect of Vocabulary Size on Reading Comprehension of Iranian Efl Learners

A large number of variables influence the way a learner comprehends a reading passage, one of which is vocabulary size. The studies which have focused on this seemingly important aspect, in some settings, are few and far between. This indicates the importance of running more research in this respect. The

Exploration of the Gaps in Policies and Practices of Reforming Initial Teacher Education for the Curricular Area of Language and Communication

The paper introduces a brief analysis of current trends in the field of initial teacher education whilst focusing on the relationship between policies and practices as depicted in the recent flow of research literature focusing on the issue. An overview of recent literature is presented with the purpose of situating

The Relation of Merleau-Ponty and Blanchot to Derrida

In this paper I examine the negative phenomenologies of Merleau-Ponty and Blanchot. Negative phenomenologies repress difference as the transcendental and the empirical are repetitions of the same through iterability. I argue that a negative phenomenology or a reversal of phenomenology repeats it rather than managing to escape from it. This

On the Kettemann Corpus of German Speech Errors

The Kettemann Corpus of German Speech Errors is shown in Nora Wiedenmann’s Error-Type Categorization, here with English comments, together with statistical overviews of different error types of the speakers BK and IK listed according to affected linguistic units. Bernhard Kettemann     Articles on the web Fergie was roasted

Noam Chomsky: Post-Structural Anarchist

Noam Chomsky (an essentialist who subscribes to the Cartesian notion of the mind) is one of the most articulate of modern intellectuals. This essay attempts to unravel the connection between Chomsky’s notion of language as connected to an innate device in the mind and the making of an anarchist society

Phraseology as an Autonomous Linguistic Discipline

The objective of this study’s is to review the main contributions of Romanian linguistics to the definition of phraseology as an autonomous linguistic discipline, with the aim of specifying its object of investigation and studying the linguistic phenomena characteristic of this discipline. Petronela Savin   Articles on the web

The Game of Irony in Charles Dickens’ Novels

The paper aims at identifying the three types of irony – verbal, dramatic and of situation – in some of Charles Dickens’ novels in order to reveal the author’s contribution to the modern understanding of Victorianism. The ironic discourse will be analyzed so as to show the true underlying meaning