Love Makes A Difference

I have recently found a diary of mine from 2013. I was 15. This is a page from it:

love me so much
that I could compare your love to the immensity of pi.
do not be as heartless as a stone:
spell my name on a sleepy tone,
as if there no end had to be.

There were also some quotes from the songs that I used to listen back then and I guess I just tried to make a connection between them:

and If you love me, I’ll make you a star in my universe and you’ll spend everyday shining your light my way;
and if the world was on fire, no one could save me but you.
and then it would only be you who I would like to run with, to laugh with, to be silent with, to cry with,
it would only be you who I would like to hope with, it would only be you who I would like to forgive with.

I was really trying to rememeber whom I loved so much and who could awake such strong feelings in my heart. But now I understand that this does not matter at all if that person is not in my life now. Do you know what matters? The way he made me feel. The things that I learnt from the experience. The drama. The happiness. Everything.

Teenagers. Teenage love. Is it really so different from the so-called „adult love”? Aren’t adults behaving like children or teenagers when they fall in love? Have you ever seen a man being nervous at the first date? Or a woman? I have surely seen. Love does not have an age. You do love at 3, you do love at 15, you do love at 35 and you do love at 80. The only difference is the approach of it.

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Dress How You Want to Be Addressed… Or Do not?

Dress how you want to be addressed… or do not do so?

We meet hundreds of people everyday in our lives. We see the old woman with her old bag, we notice the girl wearing her expensive shoes and we also observe the poor homeless at the corner of the street, who wears a lifetime jacket. What do we think about them? „Oh, this woman needs someone to buy her a bag” or „Oh, such nice shoes! I should talk to her, she might be a nice person” or maybe „Oh, this beggar is so dirty, I should totally stay away from him”? Are these our thoughts? I might say, yes, they are. In most of the cases. But we are totally wrong. This planet is totally falling down because of its people and because of their judgements and beliefs.

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Between Respecting, Respecting yourself, and Being Respected

respect1Respect is the attitude of consideration for yourself and for others, and a quality which is as valuable as love. When people have suffered from love, friendship and respect where the ones to heal the wounds… As Lev Tolstoi said in his famous work “Anna Karenina”, “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

I believe that respect is a value in the true sense, a value which should be promoted more often and better among children, young people, and others; it is a value which underlies love, because, if there is no respect in love, it fades away, it falls apart slowly.

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The Cultivation of Values in Society

valori-300x273The social balance is shaped by values which succeed in making felt their presence, as well as in changing views, helping people’s personal development, and bringing emotion where the routine dehumanized feelings.

Statistics confirm that it is needless to say that real values will be appreciated regardless of time, generations, and geographical areas. An era’s imperatives will not cast a shadow over a genuine value. Even if the contemporaries of a writer, painter, artist etc. fail to appreciate the true value of a certain artistic manifestation, the most important aspects will receive, in time, the prestige they deserve. For example, Shakespeare, Picasso, Mozart, have crystallized their presence in all eras, and their statute is undeniable. Continue reading “The Cultivation of Values in Society”