We’ll always Have Casablanca

Casablanca in the 40’s was the city of hope and despair, a meeting place for those seeking adventure, for fugitives and for people who risk its life in this deceitful oasis, hoping that a new life awaits them on American land. This is the fascinating background on which an unperishable love story unfolds its last pages and with it one of the greatest stories of the silver screen.

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Paul Kalanithi – Portrait of the Doctor as a Patient

We always think of doctors as some kind of superheroes, they can never be wrong, they must know everything about our pains and illnesses, but most of all, doctors never get sick. Or do they? What if what we think of them is not at all true? What if the white robes aren’t the capes worn by superheroes, but proofs that the doctors are blank canvases on which the patients are writing their own stories? Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, was such a canvas until he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Totally aware of the inevitable ending, he decided to write a book. When Breath becomes Air is a story of life, death and how to fight an illness – the doctor’s way.

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Never Love a Wild Thing…

…unless her name is Holly Golightly. Half a century has passed since this young and cunning New York socialite was brought to life by Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), the one that set Hepburn on her 60s Hollywood course.  However, it still remains as a strong presence on the scene of romantic masterpieces, inspiring many young producers in their movie-making journey.

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Before Sunrise – A “Once Upon a Time” Story

Before Sunrise ScreencapI have observed that movies which transpose the intensity of emotions, of honest feelings, but which have a simple action, have been isolated to the detriment of those mushy movies which have a rich and spectacular action. A movie I have seen a long time ago has caught my eye, and I really enjoyed watching it again.

If you miss a romantic story with a simple action, but concentrated in a wide range of emotions, Before Sunrise would be an excellent choice. The movie was released in 1995, and it represents the beginning of a trilogy which presents the intensity of some feelings grown from the action of a simple love story.

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