Dress How You Want to Be Addressed… Or Do not?

Dress how you want to be addressed… or do not do so?

We meet hundreds of people everyday in our lives. We see the old woman with her old bag, we notice the girl wearing her expensive shoes and we also observe the poor homeless at the corner of the street, who wears a lifetime jacket. What do we think about them? „Oh, this woman needs someone to buy her a bag” or „Oh, such nice shoes! I should talk to her, she might be a nice person” or maybe „Oh, this beggar is so dirty, I should totally stay away from him”? Are these our thoughts? I might say, yes, they are. In most of the cases. But we are totally wrong. This planet is totally falling down because of its people and because of their judgements and beliefs.

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Everything Changes, Except Our Need for Childhood

I would give anything to be able to go back in time, to see my childhood; to feel that emotion, to live those moments again, when Mom and Dad were my heroes, and when I knew for sure that any fear could be easily defeated, because I had two invincible heroes.

I have childhood in my soul, it is with me every day, but even so, I miss it enormously. It’s a longing for a lost paradise. I miss the sky of my childhood, the blue and incredibly beautiful sky that I used to gaze at all day long, to find out all sorts of shapes: some of them playful, others creepy. I miss the sun I used to draw in my own way, with big eyes and a broad smile, because I knew that in reality it is the same; otherwise, how could it give so much warmth and light if it doesn’t smile?


I miss the days when I used to walk barefoot, and run on every street nearby, I would run with an exceeding joy, a genuine one.

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Between Respecting, Respecting yourself, and Being Respected

respect1Respect is the attitude of consideration for yourself and for others, and a quality which is as valuable as love. When people have suffered from love, friendship and respect where the ones to heal the wounds… As Lev Tolstoi said in his famous work “Anna Karenina”, “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

I believe that respect is a value in the true sense, a value which should be promoted more often and better among children, young people, and others; it is a value which underlies love, because, if there is no respect in love, it fades away, it falls apart slowly.

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