Internet… censorship?

Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part of the personal or professional life of most people. However, beyond the facilities it offers by enabling quick access to a wide range of information and entertainment, the Internet raises an issue regarding the content of certain websites or images with obscene message.

beautiful_girl_computer_internetOn one hand, we observe that the number of users increases annually, and, on the other hand, more and more web pages explicitly show a content with pornographic implications or having a violent nature. Being spread over an extensive virtual area, the information can influence several vulnerable users, namely minors, in a negative way. Thus, if censorship on certain content on the Internet was imposed, children would be more protected because there would be no risk of being exposed to some information or virtual processes which are not consistent with their level of psychic development. The more often they get in contact with obscene or violent materials, there will be an increase in the cases of deterioration of social skills, isolation and predisposition to aggressive behavior.

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The Role of Women in Mass Media

There is no doubt that women have gained a high status in society, acquiring their independence and equality in relation to men. However, it is often considered that the image outlined by the media often becomes degrading, because the woman turns into a commercial object, meant to attract consumption and to increase the money collection process at a much higher level.


Presenting the woman in various aspects, in order to stimulate men’s interest or to draw attention to various boutiques, changes the real image built up by her, distorting the role she plays in society.

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