Christmas and Its Many Faces

is a time of giving, sharing and loving, when everyone puts aside their problems and spends time with their loved ones, spreading love all around them. However, Christmas has many faces, many different traditions and beliefs rooted in the culture of every country that celebrates it. The symbols and origins of this festive day range from the birth of Jesus Christ to the arrival of Santa Claus and the happening of the winter solstice, depending on the country’s history, beliefs and customs. Continue reading “Christmas and Its Many Faces”

Melk Abbey – the Kingdom of Christianity

A spiritual place which binds the past with the present on an axe of more than one thousand years, lies today under the sun of Austria, where the European monastic Christianity embodies an earthly kingdom. Melk Abbey, which is a Benedictine abbey, watches over the town of Melk from a rocky outcrop overlooking the Wachau Valley of the Danube river. Dating from 1089, the abbey was at first the residence of Leopold I, until 113 years later, his descendent, Leopold II, also Margrave of Austria, gave the castle to Benedictine monks from Lambach. Ever since, the monks have lived and worked here without interruption, thus Melk Abbey being one of the very few places which has continuously performed its function. A peculiarity that increases the value of this place is the double role it had in time, history registering it as both a secular and a theological site.

Melk Abbey, Austria
Melk Abbey, Austria

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Padis Karst Plateau – an Impressive Landscaping Area

General Data

This plateau (from Bihor county) is situated at a height of 1200-1400 m, and it constitutes one of the most precious, fancy, and impressive landscape area of the Apuseni Mountains and the Romanian Carpathians, possessing a rich and diversified range of karst phenomena. Among these can be noted by their greatness and frequency the sinkholes, keys, caves, potholes, and blind valleys.

Spre Cetatea Radesii (
To Radesii Citadel (

This touristic area is declared to be a natural reservation with a surface of 450 ha. From the Padis cottage, situated at an altitude of 1280 m, one may get to all the touristic places. The cottage is built under the top of the Motului Church.

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