Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest public university in Romania and one of the advanced research and education institutions in the country. It was founded a year after the establishment of the Romanian state, by a decree given in 1860 by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, under whom the former Academia Mihăileană was converted into a university. Known at first as the University of Iasi, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University became the first student-centered university in Romania, once the Bologna Process was implemented.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. Source:

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The Recipe of the Apple Orchard or That of Beautiful Raised Children

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven, they are the buds of life, the living messages we send to times which we are no longer going to see, they are our future.

Children blossom like flowers, but they are not bouquets, but a wonderful apple orchard. And this orchard is ours. And this is orchard should be tenderly cared for; we should make great efforts, and unconditional love is required in order to eat big sweet apples, when harvest time will come.


Before we plant the orchard, we must think once again about what we are going do: are we ready for it? Will we have enough time for gardening? Will there be someone to always give us a helping hand when in need? Because owning an orchard requires a lot of work and care.

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Between Respecting, Respecting yourself, and Being Respected

respect1Respect is the attitude of consideration for yourself and for others, and a quality which is as valuable as love. When people have suffered from love, friendship and respect where the ones to heal the wounds… As Lev Tolstoi said in his famous work “Anna Karenina”, “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

I believe that respect is a value in the true sense, a value which should be promoted more often and better among children, young people, and others; it is a value which underlies love, because, if there is no respect in love, it fades away, it falls apart slowly.

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The Teacher’s Attitude and the Learning Process

speakers-414557_640It is known that in order to be a teacher, you are required a lot of mental training in this field. Whoever attempts to become part of the education system should take pedagogical courses, and they should earn a license or a master’s degree. Moreover, due to the complexity of this job, they should capitalize on their knowledge by passing some difficult exams (class inspections, tenure examination, teacher’s certification, etc.)

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