Love Makes A Difference

I have recently found a diary of mine from 2013. I was 15. This is a page from it:

love me so much
that I could compare your love to the immensity of pi.
do not be as heartless as a stone:
spell my name on a sleepy tone,
as if there no end had to be.

There were also some quotes from the songs that I used to listen back then and I guess I just tried to make a connection between them:

and If you love me, I’ll make you a star in my universe and you’ll spend everyday shining your light my way;
and if the world was on fire, no one could save me but you.
and then it would only be you who I would like to run with, to laugh with, to be silent with, to cry with,
it would only be you who I would like to hope with, it would only be you who I would like to forgive with.

I was really trying to rememeber whom I loved so much and who could awake such strong feelings in my heart. But now I understand that this does not matter at all if that person is not in my life now. Do you know what matters? The way he made me feel. The things that I learnt from the experience. The drama. The happiness. Everything.

Teenagers. Teenage love. Is it really so different from the so-called „adult love”? Aren’t adults behaving like children or teenagers when they fall in love? Have you ever seen a man being nervous at the first date? Or a woman? I have surely seen. Love does not have an age. You do love at 3, you do love at 15, you do love at 35 and you do love at 80. The only difference is the approach of it.

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To My Dearest Friend

My dearest one,

You always had the courage to step on unknown, wild and illusory realms. They were beyond all appearances. You unconsciously crossed the boundary and you did not even know where you were. But you were quite and you were patient even if what you saw was a world dying. You were shocked and hurt but you kept being tranquil as you knew that there had to be a sunshine to calm the storm. There were forests and buildings burning, there were not oblivions or distances between that realm and other ones, as there were people who had destroyed the borders between my territory and their’s. And my world was on fire. You found me in the middle of it, fighting with those who kept hitting me, as hard as they could. You looked at me struggling and you realized I did not even know what I was doing. Self-defense? Vital?

You looked at those who were sitting in front of me, laughing like wild animals, thinking that they had their justice. They killed everything that was alive in my soul, leaving it homeless. And they were laughing. You could not believe your eyes when you saw that I started to undress and threw my clothes, the white dress and the violet flowers coronet, into the fire. You realized that I had the hope of feeling relieved. You kept analysing, thinking and trying to find a way to get me out of there.

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Everything Changes, Except Our Need for Childhood

I would give anything to be able to go back in time, to see my childhood; to feel that emotion, to live those moments again, when Mom and Dad were my heroes, and when I knew for sure that any fear could be easily defeated, because I had two invincible heroes.

I have childhood in my soul, it is with me every day, but even so, I miss it enormously. It’s a longing for a lost paradise. I miss the sky of my childhood, the blue and incredibly beautiful sky that I used to gaze at all day long, to find out all sorts of shapes: some of them playful, others creepy. I miss the sun I used to draw in my own way, with big eyes and a broad smile, because I knew that in reality it is the same; otherwise, how could it give so much warmth and light if it doesn’t smile?


I miss the days when I used to walk barefoot, and run on every street nearby, I would run with an exceeding joy, a genuine one.

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The Recipe of the Apple Orchard or That of Beautiful Raised Children

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven, they are the buds of life, the living messages we send to times which we are no longer going to see, they are our future.

Children blossom like flowers, but they are not bouquets, but a wonderful apple orchard. And this orchard is ours. And this is orchard should be tenderly cared for; we should make great efforts, and unconditional love is required in order to eat big sweet apples, when harvest time will come.


Before we plant the orchard, we must think once again about what we are going do: are we ready for it? Will we have enough time for gardening? Will there be someone to always give us a helping hand when in need? Because owning an orchard requires a lot of work and care.

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Internet… censorship?

Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part of the personal or professional life of most people. However, beyond the facilities it offers by enabling quick access to a wide range of information and entertainment, the Internet raises an issue regarding the content of certain websites or images with obscene message.

beautiful_girl_computer_internetOn one hand, we observe that the number of users increases annually, and, on the other hand, more and more web pages explicitly show a content with pornographic implications or having a violent nature. Being spread over an extensive virtual area, the information can influence several vulnerable users, namely minors, in a negative way. Thus, if censorship on certain content on the Internet was imposed, children would be more protected because there would be no risk of being exposed to some information or virtual processes which are not consistent with their level of psychic development. The more often they get in contact with obscene or violent materials, there will be an increase in the cases of deterioration of social skills, isolation and predisposition to aggressive behavior.

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