How Love Feels Like

The Internet is overwhelmed by articles about love, its manifestations, how to find love and other topics. Today, we talk about adolescent love in a comparative variant: how do girls love vs. how do boys love.

At a simple search in the dictionary, the first definition we find is that love involves a feeling of affection for someone or something. Nothing easier. Now, if we give this feeling a sexual aura, we get fixed to the love that interests us, the love of a couple (no matter what sexes this couple implies).

In adolescence, everything that happens to us is a controversy, a reason for revolt or ecstasy. Especially when it comes to girls.

Aww, she smiled, I’m sure I’m gonna marry this year!
Oh, no, I have a pimple in my chin, my boyfriend will not kiss me anymore, and I’ll stay alone all my life!

Typical things about vagina carries at the age at which our hormones make an agonizing boom.

Reffering to boys, I think it’s obvious that adolescence for them is as if somebody gives them superhuman powers, they become dominant and very masculine, they fall in love or secretly conquer a girl.

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You Are A Woman, You Are Beautiful, You Are Perfect!

You are a woman, you are beginning and ending, you are passion and longing, you are an angel of love and a queen among flowers…

If you will ever wonder which is the most beautiful gift that you have ever received from God learn that it is having made you a woman. A beautiful, strong one, sweet like the smile of a child, bright as a summer day, and charming as an ancient fairy tale.  He has made you a woman for you know to love like no one else does, with a passion that crosses the infinite. You know how to fall down, then rise with dignity, as if you have not fell at all. He has created you to spread love, to give life and to write with capitals in the book of life. Continue reading “You Are A Woman, You Are Beautiful, You Are Perfect!”

Important Monuments Forgotten over Time

monumente-uitateRomania is a place worth visiting both because of the splendor of the scenic landscapes and because of the historical load rediscovered at each step. As the great values ​​of society are forgotten, so are the buildings that made history. They are buried by the mists of time, not few being the buildings found on the list of historical monuments that today represent no interest for society.

Whether we are talking about mansions, castles, or houses built in the architectural style of old ages, these buildings carry in their walls, more or less affected by time, the stamp of our identity as a nation. These constructions scattered in all the corners of Romania recall the specifics of yesteryear, and also remind us that we are not the generation who will disconnect the wires which connects us to the past.

Cetatea de Baltă is a village at 60 km from Alba-Iulia that is documented in 1197. Under this settlement you can visit the Bethlen-Haller Castle. The Renaissance construction dates from the late 16th century, but the current form is placed under the guardianship of the year 1773. Those who pass its threshold can observe the evolution of the four centuries: from the Renaissance construction to Baroque elements, culminating with modern decorations.Today the castle is a private property, but it can be visited at request. Continue reading “Important Monuments Forgotten over Time”

A Jewel of Britain, A World Heritage

The bad, negative is to be avoided, for it brings pain. But no one is born without pain, and despite the torment, what comes next is usually bliss. Think about a couple that argues. Some people do it just because making up later brings them joy. Now, if you try to broaden the perspective, sometimes nations start wars because they want the bliss after the pain: in this case, victory!

It took great pain for a jewel of Britain to be born. And this pain is known in history as the War of the Spanish Succession. By defeating the French army in the Battle of Blenheim in the early 18th Century, the military commander of the British forces gained the Queen’s respect. Thus, the heroic deeds of the 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, were honoured by building for him Blenheim Palace on the land of the ruined Royal Manor and Park at Woodstock. The architect who laid the foundations of what is today an exquisite site was Sir John Vanbrugh.

blenheim palace
Blenheim Palace (Great Britain)

Throughout time, the surroundings of the palace have been embellished by several architects, who have sown their seeds of creation, shaping true pieces of art. So it is that in the northern part of the Park, the Column of Victory depicts the 1st Duke of Marlborough dressed as a Roman general. Another architect, William Chambers, built the Temple of Diana, which was intended to be a small summer house. Winston Curchill, who was also born at Blenheim Palace on the 30th of November 1874, proposed to Clementine Hozier in 1098 at this very Temple.
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Simona Bitiușcă – a Young Lady from Bacau on the Catwalk

Simona_Bitiusca_3How many times didn’t happen, during a Fashion Presentation you were watching, your mind to ask itself about what actually happens behind the scene, what’s behind the young lady that so beautifully parades in front of dozens of spectators? How many young ladies don’t have the desire to step into the limelight, posing for the most renowned designers or to be the first ones that wear the summer or winter outfit?

But, even if modeling world seems easy to reach when staying on the couch, eating spicy chips and drinking soda, things are not as simple as they seem to be. The performance in fashion world is about dedication and sacrifices, and this is not what says an unknowing person, but a young lady from Bacau, Romania, Simona Bitiușcă, that at her 24 years old managed to become known not only inside but also outside the country.  A young lady that enchants with her tenderness, refinement, modesty and self-control.  A charming appearance, a large smile that make even the grumpiest person in the world smile and forget about her problems.


Simona Bitiuşcă la un pahar de vorbă cu Mihaela Puţeanu
Simona Bitiuşcă chating with Mihaela Puţeanu



Simona Bitiușcă pe catwalk


She got on the modeling stage by chance, a simple approach opened her way to a new life, to a new lifestyle. At 17 years old, she had the chance to actually see what’s behind the stage. The success of a Fashion Presentation is based on seconds of forethought, rapidity being one of the basic requirements of this kind of job. Long hours doing and retouching make-up, the fatigue accumulated during traveling to different fashion presentations and competitions are rewarded by the satisfaction of being known and appreciated.

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The Rarău – Giumalău Mountains

prima stanga

General Presentation

The Rarău-Giumalău Mountains represent a massif situated in the North of the Oriental Carpathians, between the Moldova and Bistriţa Valleys, and they pertain to the Bucovina Mountains. They are formed of crystalline schists and Mesozoic limestones. Their maximum height is of 1653 meters, and it is reached by the peak of The Rarău Mountain. The massif covers alpine grasslands, and here can be found the stones called “Pietrele Doamnei”, which are a natural monument.

The Giumalău Massif is situated west from the Giumalău and Chiril Spring. Its peak, situated in the central part, measures a height of 1857 meters. From here start interfluves which from plain bridges at 1000 – 1200 m and 1350 – 1450 m, ending towards the Bistriţa and Putna Slopes.

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Beauty Comes from the Inside

In a world where stereotypes have infiltrated intensely among us, it is absolutely normal that young people are distrustful of their bodies.

Nowadays, teenagers always ask themselves questions such as: Am I charming enough? Do I look good enough? Am I beautiful? Some of them are pleased with what they see in the mirror, but this does not happen very often, because not only teenagers, but also other people are not happy with their appearance, and they keep on changing something about them. Moreover, there are also those who are very dissatisfied with themselves, and who believe that their failure in life is due to the fact that nature has endowed them less in what concerns beauty.


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The Cantacuzino Castle

castel-cantacuzinoRomania is a beautiful country. But most of all complete. It includes all the landforms, plus some natural jewellery, such as The Carpathians, The Black Sea and The Danube Delta. And besides these riches destined by the universe, there are more out there shining, forged by human hands.

Such an architectural pearl dwells in a mountain town, dear to the Romanians in every season. The Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni embellishes the place since 1911 up to the present, having been built under the guidance of the architect Grigore Cerchez at the demand of the ex prime minister of Romania, Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino. The building that nowadays houses a museum has been for a while in the possession of the Cantacuzino family, becoming after 1948 a sanatorium of the Ministry of the Interior. It carries historical, documentary, and artistic value, impressing with a neoromanian architecture which ennobles the territory of our country.

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Râșnov Citadel

cetatea_rasnovBrașov County proudly covers in the eastern part of Râșnov city the old Peasant-like Citadel, part of the Transilvanian defence system, the builders having as main occupation the agriculture. Also, it is one of the best preserved fortified assemblies in this aria.

Râșnov Citadel, with its strategic position, used to have the role of controlling the access to Transilvania from the Valley which carries the same name. Râșnov has suffered, especially in the XIIIth century, a tough test given by the Tatar invasion, ending with the desolation of Bârsa. Consequently, the locals have decided to build a citadel of refuge and defence on the limestone hill of the city, this being the only way of surviving for the people on this lands hit by history. Continue reading “Râșnov Citadel”

The Role of Women in Mass Media

There is no doubt that women have gained a high status in society, acquiring their independence and equality in relation to men. However, it is often considered that the image outlined by the media often becomes degrading, because the woman turns into a commercial object, meant to attract consumption and to increase the money collection process at a much higher level.


Presenting the woman in various aspects, in order to stimulate men’s interest or to draw attention to various boutiques, changes the real image built up by her, distorting the role she plays in society.

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