Andrei Tarkovski – I want to preserve the level of quality

Poster of a Tarkovski filmAndrei Tarkovski is one of the most outstanding directors of the Soviet period. Born on 4 April 1932, he has to face a difficult path with unpleasant events during times of hostility for society. At a rather young age he witnesses the divorce of his parents, a fact that would cause considerable changes in his life, having to live with the maternal grandparents. When he is less than 12 years old, he has his leg amputated after a serious accident. However, this personal tragedy will not influence his success in life. He attends classes at the Institute of Fine Arts, but he quits because he catches tuberculosis. After many attempts and surrenders during his career, he comes to study at the State Institute of Cinematography, where he writes and directs a part of the movie The Killers. This is the beginning of his career as a director. Even though his work is reflected in 7 films and short films, the quality of these achievements would place him in a positive light, both nationally and internationally. Continue reading “Andrei Tarkovski – I want to preserve the level of quality”

Alfred Hitchcock – In Search of Suspense

The_Birds_original_posterDue to his double statute of director and film producer, Alfred Hitchcock (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980) impresses posterity with fierce labor and remarkable talent transposed into over 50 films directed. He was born in London, where he carried out his astonishing cinematographic activity for a long time, and then he developed his directing skills in 1939, in the United States of America. He became accustomed to the field of cinematography when he was part of the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, being in charge of creating subtitles for silent movies. This experience infused various feelings inside of him, which determined him to make a first attempt to produce the film Number thirteen, which he has however never finished. Continue reading “Alfred Hitchcock – In Search of Suspense”