Simona Bitiușcă – a Young Lady from Bacau on the Catwalk

Simona_Bitiusca_3How many times didn’t happen, during a Fashion Presentation you were watching, your mind to ask itself about what actually happens behind the scene, what’s behind the young lady that so beautifully parades in front of dozens of spectators? How many young ladies don’t have the desire to step into the limelight, posing for the most renowned designers or to be the first ones that wear the summer or winter outfit?

But, even if modeling world seems easy to reach when staying on the couch, eating spicy chips and drinking soda, things are not as simple as they seem to be. The performance in fashion world is about dedication and sacrifices, and this is not what says an unknowing person, but a young lady from Bacau, Romania, Simona Bitiușcă, that at her 24 years old managed to become known not only inside but also outside the country.  A young lady that enchants with her tenderness, refinement, modesty and self-control.  A charming appearance, a large smile that make even the grumpiest person in the world smile and forget about her problems.


Simona Bitiuşcă la un pahar de vorbă cu Mihaela Puţeanu
Simona Bitiuşcă chating with Mihaela Puţeanu



Simona Bitiușcă pe catwalk


She got on the modeling stage by chance, a simple approach opened her way to a new life, to a new lifestyle. At 17 years old, she had the chance to actually see what’s behind the stage. The success of a Fashion Presentation is based on seconds of forethought, rapidity being one of the basic requirements of this kind of job. Long hours doing and retouching make-up, the fatigue accumulated during traveling to different fashion presentations and competitions are rewarded by the satisfaction of being known and appreciated.

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Lexa, A Successful Person

Lexa_Alexandra_Ioana_Blaga_voleiWe live in a time when sport is at the bottom of the list regarding the daily interests of the Romanians. Be it the lack of time, the commodity, or the physical structure, sport is usually neglected in favour of other activities. We stop discussing about parents who, although seeing potential in their kids, are utterly against both professional and amateur sports activities.

Many times parents forget that a healthy mind develops within a healthy body, and consider sport to be an obstacle for the personal development of their children.

[timed-content-client show=”00:05:500″ hide=”00:20:2000″]Dacă vrei să scriem ceva frumos şi despre tine, afacerea ta sau evenimentul organizat de tine, contactează-ne aici.[/timed-content-client]

It is true that the state of Romania does not very much encourage the youngsters to follow a sports career, and parents need to make a great financial effort in order to ensure their offspring’ professional path.

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Time Goes By

Time is said to be eternal. It is believed that it has neither a beginning, nor an end. However, people are able to measure it in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. They have also given meanings to the words “past, “present”, and “future”.


There are two types of time – objective, and subjective. Objective time can be accurately measured with a stopwatch. Subjective time is different. Humans are not so good at judging the passage of time. Sadly, pleasurable experiences pass quickly, while dull experiences seem to last forever. Time simply appears to speed up when we have something to do, especially during an exam, and I think everyone knows that.

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Why Are There So Few Women in IT?

adult-15745_1280The world of technology has always been dominated by men, and it is reported a continuous decrease in women working in this field, despite the numerous campaigns to encourage them to enter the IT field.

Belinda Parmer, founder of the campaigning agency “Lady Geek”, used for the consultancy of big corporations such as Sony and Vodafone, comes with a solution to this problem. In the Miss Little Geek book she includes the drawbacks faced by women working in this field. The author is targeted at the employers, the government, and the parents, believing that women should be permanently encouraged to choose the job they wish for, without the problem of overcoming the limitations imposed by society. No job should be divided by gender, as long as it does not involve physical force, but intelligence and skills. In her book, Parmer demonstrates the beneficial contribution of women in the IT field, stating real facts: according to studies conducted by specialists, the companies whose management teams include women recorded a 34% higher financial gain.

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The Prayer – The Living Fiber of Each of Us

When life is hard, when the sad moments keep bothering you, and trouble does not leave you alone, there is a solution which will certainly bear fruit: the prayer. The sages say that we should pray in every moment of life, be it happy or sad, because it really helps, or at least it helps us to stand our ground. The prayer is the force through which we get energy, that energy we need in order to survive.


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