Dress How You Want to Be Addressed… Or Do not?

Dress how you want to be addressed… or do not do so?

We meet hundreds of people everyday in our lives. We see the old woman with her old bag, we notice the girl wearing her expensive shoes and we also observe the poor homeless at the corner of the street, who wears a lifetime jacket. What do we think about them? „Oh, this woman needs someone to buy her a bag” or „Oh, such nice shoes! I should talk to her, she might be a nice person” or maybe „Oh, this beggar is so dirty, I should totally stay away from him”? Are these our thoughts? I might say, yes, they are. In most of the cases. But we are totally wrong. This planet is totally falling down because of its people and because of their judgements and beliefs.

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2017 Is about Diversity

I’m pretty sure you have been looking for something new to wear this year. I have recently went shopping and I was just surprised that the clothes this year are so much different from 2016’s. Then, I came home and started browsing and reading everything about 2017’s fashion.

Well, I know everyone wants to be in trend, to look fine and to feel comfortable in their own clothes and skin. Sometimes it is really hard to combine clothes and accessories if you do not really know what people wear nowadays. But don’t worry, this year’s trends are not so „new” as they seem to be, as they have already been trends years ago. Thereby, if you do not know what to wear and how to match the clothes with the shoes and with the accessories, you can easily ask your parents or your grandparents. Let’s find out why.

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