Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest public university in Romania and one of the advanced research and education institutions in the country. It was founded a year after the establishment of the Romanian state, by a decree given in 1860 by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, under whom the former Academia Mihăileană was converted into a university. Known at first as the University of Iasi, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University became the first student-centered university in Romania, once the Bologna Process was implemented.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. Source:

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The Rarău – Giumalău Mountains

prima stanga

General Presentation

The Rarău-Giumalău Mountains represent a massif situated in the North of the Oriental Carpathians, between the Moldova and Bistriţa Valleys, and they pertain to the Bucovina Mountains. They are formed of crystalline schists and Mesozoic limestones. Their maximum height is of 1653 meters, and it is reached by the peak of The Rarău Mountain. The massif covers alpine grasslands, and here can be found the stones called “Pietrele Doamnei”, which are a natural monument.

The Giumalău Massif is situated west from the Giumalău and Chiril Spring. Its peak, situated in the central part, measures a height of 1857 meters. From here start interfluves which from plain bridges at 1000 – 1200 m and 1350 – 1450 m, ending towards the Bistriţa and Putna Slopes.

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Can or Can’t the Doctor Report Domestic Violence Cases?

violenceUnfortunately, studies prove that in the present society there is a worrying number of domestic violence cases, and in order to diminish these abuses is born the question whether the doctors who face this kind of situations ought to report the cases to the authorities or not.

The doctors have, according to their professional ethic, a moral, social, and legal duty to the aid they ought to bring to their fellows. Therefore, most opinions support the idea that they are right to bring to the law enforcement’s knowledge the domestic violence cases they are aware of. They have the duty to report as soon as they discover the existence of such a serious phenomenon.

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Lexa, A Successful Person

Lexa_Alexandra_Ioana_Blaga_voleiWe live in a time when sport is at the bottom of the list regarding the daily interests of the Romanians. Be it the lack of time, the commodity, or the physical structure, sport is usually neglected in favour of other activities. We stop discussing about parents who, although seeing potential in their kids, are utterly against both professional and amateur sports activities.

Many times parents forget that a healthy mind develops within a healthy body, and consider sport to be an obstacle for the personal development of their children.

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It is true that the state of Romania does not very much encourage the youngsters to follow a sports career, and parents need to make a great financial effort in order to ensure their offspring’ professional path.

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Why Are There So Few Women in IT?

adult-15745_1280The world of technology has always been dominated by men, and it is reported a continuous decrease in women working in this field, despite the numerous campaigns to encourage them to enter the IT field.

Belinda Parmer, founder of the campaigning agency “Lady Geek”, used for the consultancy of big corporations such as Sony and Vodafone, comes with a solution to this problem. In the Miss Little Geek book she includes the drawbacks faced by women working in this field. The author is targeted at the employers, the government, and the parents, believing that women should be permanently encouraged to choose the job they wish for, without the problem of overcoming the limitations imposed by society. No job should be divided by gender, as long as it does not involve physical force, but intelligence and skills. In her book, Parmer demonstrates the beneficial contribution of women in the IT field, stating real facts: according to studies conducted by specialists, the companies whose management teams include women recorded a 34% higher financial gain.

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Women and Girls in STEM

STEM education has become more and more important, and it is required for an interconnected global economy. The acronym refers to a range of academic disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, meant to bring a significant and beneficial contribution to the training offered by the education system in these fields. They provide workforce development, shaping the students’ vision according to the market requirements. We should mention the STEM initiative proposed by Georgette Yakman, the one who has introduced art among these disciplines, believing that there is a connexion between them, complying with the global socio-economic system.


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A Story about Hope

Ihopet was summer when my heart was torn into pieces, without my consent. It was left in the fields, forsaken and forgotten by everyone. Heavy rains drenched it, they washed my wounds, and touched my scars. The sun warmed it mightily, blue flowers grew around it, birds warbled next to it and… nothing happened, my heart was lying inanimately on a field at the edge of my existence. All it had was Hope.

As the summer passed hastily, the green of the fields, the brightness of the sun, the warm summer rains, the clear sky and all the sanguinity around my heart faded away. A strong wind blew and knocked flowers to the ground, it blew off the leaves from the trees, it brought forth a gloomy autumn weather, and a nostalgia beyond compare rested upon the broken heart. The golden leaves fell on it, creating a warm carpet, but still nothing… the heart was not breathing, it was showing no sign of life. However, Hope went on taking care of it…

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Between Respecting, Respecting yourself, and Being Respected

respect1Respect is the attitude of consideration for yourself and for others, and a quality which is as valuable as love. When people have suffered from love, friendship and respect where the ones to heal the wounds… As Lev Tolstoi said in his famous work “Anna Karenina”, “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

I believe that respect is a value in the true sense, a value which should be promoted more often and better among children, young people, and others; it is a value which underlies love, because, if there is no respect in love, it fades away, it falls apart slowly.

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Beauty Comes from the Inside

In a world where stereotypes have infiltrated intensely among us, it is absolutely normal that young people are distrustful of their bodies.

Nowadays, teenagers always ask themselves questions such as: Am I charming enough? Do I look good enough? Am I beautiful? Some of them are pleased with what they see in the mirror, but this does not happen very often, because not only teenagers, but also other people are not happy with their appearance, and they keep on changing something about them. Moreover, there are also those who are very dissatisfied with themselves, and who believe that their failure in life is due to the fact that nature has endowed them less in what concerns beauty.


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Food Additives and Nutrition

foodAfter more than two decades, during which Romania has been a democratic estate, we can talk about the multidimensionality of democracy. Ever since society has become accustomed to the new vision, the risk factors, along with the benefits of population, have broken into the system.

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