Podu’ cu Lanțuri – Live Your Unique Experience

Sometimes it feels boring stopping at contemporary hotels where you just want to reach your room, lay in your bed and fall asleep. Sometimes you want your road break to be as interesting as possible.

“Podu cu Lanturi” (Chain Bridge) Hotel will satisfy your expectations and you will surely want to come back again. It is situated in Bacau, on the way to Piatra Neamt and it is a medieval inn which will surprise even with the smallest details. If you like gothic style, you are exactly where you have to be, because the hotel is built according to this style, you can even find a fresco that contains images from the Middle Ages. It is painted by Horia Ghelu.

More than that, the restaurant and the menu are absolutely extraordinary! Imagine yourself trying dishes which where served more than 500 years ago! Imagine yourself enjoying a lunch or a dinner and eating chervil borsch and baked ram. Who has the courage to refuse such a lunch?

The hotel, however, has more than one building. The buildings reproduce the arhitecture from Alsace and Lorraine and the first building even has the name of Alsace. This building will have 14 rooms decorated on 14 differents themes. Another building is called Antanta and it will be a space for international collaboration, as the name itself suggests it. And the biggest building, which can be seen even from the street, is called Podul cu Lanturi.

So, if you want to feel like you were born in the Middle Ages, if you want to return home with a unique experience and if you want to rest well, then “Podu cu Lanturi” Hotel in Bacau is the best choice for you! Sometimes you are just lucky and you can wake up and realize that you dream vacation has started!

Mihaela Guțu

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