To My Dearest Friend

My dearest one,

You always had the courage to step on unknown, wild and illusory realms. They were beyond all appearances. You unconsciously crossed the boundary and you did not even know where you were. But you were quite and you were patient even if what you saw was a world dying. You were shocked and hurt but you kept being tranquil as you knew that there had to be a sunshine to calm the storm. There were forests and buildings burning, there were not oblivions or distances between that realm and other ones, as there were people who had destroyed the borders between my territory and their’s. And my world was on fire. You found me in the middle of it, fighting with those who kept hitting me, as hard as they could. You looked at me struggling and you realized I did not even know what I was doing. Self-defense? Vital?

You looked at those who were sitting in front of me, laughing like wild animals, thinking that they had their justice. They killed everything that was alive in my soul, leaving it homeless. And they were laughing. You could not believe your eyes when you saw that I started to undress and threw my clothes, the white dress and the violet flowers coronet, into the fire. You realized that I had the hope of feeling relieved. You kept analysing, thinking and trying to find a way to get me out of there.

You still thought that I was not an angel and that my mistakes were still there no matter what, but you loved me. I did not know that you were there, but I felt your affection. There was something in my heart that gave me that hope. Of not being alone. Of still having someone that was constantly breathing, as I could not do that anymore. I just felt paralyzed, I was sitting there in the middle of the fire, undressed, without moving, standing still and waiting. You were the one who passed through the fire and took my hand. You smiled and there were sunshines behind you. You said that the storm had passed and the fire was gone. My dearest one, you laughed and told me that what we should do next was to go get an ice-cream and chocolate. I did so. I took your hand, got up and went.

You knew the worst of me, but I tried to give you the best of me as you deserved it. You were my spine and my lungs when mine were not at their best. You were my smile and my hope. I noticed your efforts of helping me whenever I needed it. You stayed with me late at night and looked into my eyes. You heard me crying and you hugged me as if there were no one besides me and you. And we still could do our best, we were still always having fun and laughing at each other.

We were still happy, even if there were so much pain into the two of us, as I had seen you crying, too. And I had given my hand to you, too. And I calmed the grand waves that were covering you, also leaving your body breathless. But we were happy. Because we had each other. We though rebuked each other for all we had done wrong, but then we used to buy ourselves candies and the sadness went away. I loved you. And you loved me. There was reciprocal love. And that was the purest and the most wonderful one I ever had with a friend.

I could breath. So, thanks.

Mihaela Guțu

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