How Love Feels Like

The Internet is overwhelmed by articles about love, its manifestations, how to find love and other topics. Today, we talk about adolescent love in a comparative variant: how do girls love vs. how do boys love.

At a simple search in the dictionary, the first definition we find is that love involves a feeling of affection for someone or something. Nothing easier. Now, if we give this feeling a sexual aura, we get fixed to the love that interests us, the love of a couple (no matter what sexes this couple implies).

In adolescence, everything that happens to us is a controversy, a reason for revolt or ecstasy. Especially when it comes to girls.

Aww, she smiled, I’m sure I’m gonna marry this year!
Oh, no, I have a pimple in my chin, my boyfriend will not kiss me anymore, and I’ll stay alone all my life!

Typical things about vagina carries at the age at which our hormones make an agonizing boom.

Reffering to boys, I think it’s obvious that adolescence for them is as if somebody gives them superhuman powers, they become dominant and very masculine, they fall in love or secretly conquer a girl.

When two teenagers fall in love, their love is either very passionate, or even ephemeral. But let’s take this look aside.

By the age of 18-20 years, love does not ride seriously. Girls are constantly looking for attention from their loved ones because they have not yet reached the maturity of reason, they do not have a certainty of themselves and they see in their loved ones someone who can protect them and offer them what they want.

On the other hand, boys are still tender; boys rarely find a balance of behavior for their lovers, they are either too affectionate and possessive or lax. The parties at which one partner goes alone, the separate hangouts and whatever does not involve both partners are always jealousy reasons for immature youth.

However, adolescents need to understand, and some of them really understand in the end, that love is just another state we experience on earth. And, like the rest of the states, it is transient and recurrent. There are absolute loves that really pulls you and take your last breath, but breaking away from your loved one or finding one does not mean the end of social life or any other plan.

Love lifts you, harmonizes and helps you evolve. Your partner, no matter if is the first person you ever loved or that you had to go through so many disappointments so far, must be the missing puzzle piece of you.

Love does not soften, it cleanses, whether it’s platonic or even carnal, so do not sneak in it. Love is not always lovely, guys, but love fits everyone.

Lorena Enache

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