Dress How You Want to Be Addressed… Or Do not?

Dress how you want to be addressed… or do not do so?

We meet hundreds of people everyday in our lives. We see the old woman with her old bag, we notice the girl wearing her expensive shoes and we also observe the poor homeless at the corner of the street, who wears a lifetime jacket. What do we think about them? „Oh, this woman needs someone to buy her a bag” or „Oh, such nice shoes! I should talk to her, she might be a nice person” or maybe „Oh, this beggar is so dirty, I should totally stay away from him”? Are these our thoughts? I might say, yes, they are. In most of the cases. But we are totally wrong. This planet is totally falling down because of its people and because of their judgements and beliefs.

You are probably thinking that I’m crazy and you are probably wondering what I’m talking about and why I’m saying that approximately 80% of people living in this world are wrong? You know, I’m also in the 80%, most of the times. But, very deep in my heart, I realize how wrong I am and that the persons around me deserve way much better, as they are unique, every single one of them, even the beggar from the corner of the street.

I do use to jugde people by their aspect. I do use to get in touch with people who are well dressed and who take care of their appearance. But should I ignore the other? Should I disrespect them? Are there any reasons to do so? People have to respect one another and it does not matter at all how they are dressed and how they look. We do not have the right to disrespect others just because we do not like their look. The clothes are not telling a story at all. They eyes are. The skin is.

Let’s pretend you are walking on a street and you see a homeless man singing for money. Oh, he looks awful, by the way. But his voice! He has an angelic voice! What do you pay attention firstly to? To his clothes or to his voice? I would pay attention to his talent and to his strength of not giving up on his dream. And you?

Now let’s have another situation. You have to go to an interview, but you do not have a new blouse or new pants and you dress what you already have. But you are really great at doing your job. Would the employer employ you for your worn clothes or for your skills? A good and fair employer would choose to work with your for the second reason. An uneducated one, an unrespectful one would not even talk to you if he saw that you had sewed a pocket of your pants.

People are so judgemental nowadays. They really choose to criticize and to judge from the very first encounter. They forget that we were born naked. We were born without our clothes, we wear them according to what we can afford. But we cannot change our nakedness, our incredible and exclusive nudity. The world would be a better place if people gave up on their clothes and walked naked down the streets. The differences between the statuses and the places people come from would not be so noticeable as they are now. We would talk to the homeless guy, listening to his story and without even guessing that he has no home and that he has nothing to dress. We would not favor the girl with her expensive shoes and we certainly would just look at the old woman and try to guess her drama, without seeing the rifts on her bag. We would be simplier and better. We would live peacefully.

But there is too much to lose, so people will not change. People will jugde, as I surely still do. I’m so aware of this and I still cannot manage to annihilate the instinct of the decayed humanity. We need improvement, but it will be established only when the majority will accept it. I’m so afraid that it will take too much time and too many people will suffer, being discriminated, isolated and forgotten.

I would like to advise you to dress how you want for you are a unique human being, but I rather not. People can hurt you when you less expect it and, most of the times, it happens when you meet them for the first time. Your appearance matters to them, even if your mind is far beyond the clothes. And your appearance still matters to them if it is a good one, even if you have nothing to say. The intelligence is being replaced by the aspect. This is what matters today (luckily, not for all, we still have the 20%!).

Mihaela Guțu

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