2017 Is about Diversity

I’m pretty sure you have been looking for something new to wear this year. I have recently went shopping and I was just surprised that the clothes this year are so much different from 2016’s. Then, I came home and started browsing and reading everything about 2017’s fashion.

Well, I know everyone wants to be in trend, to look fine and to feel comfortable in their own clothes and skin. Sometimes it is really hard to combine clothes and accessories if you do not really know what people wear nowadays. But don’t worry, this year’s trends are not so „new” as they seem to be, as they have already been trends years ago. Thereby, if you do not know what to wear and how to match the clothes with the shoes and with the accessories, you can easily ask your parents or your grandparents. Let’s find out why.

2017’s fashion trends are unique and original. Maybe they will not seem so original to your parents, because they have already worn those clothes and I’m absolutely sure that this year they will say to you, at least once, these words: „Oh, I have always known that 80’s fashion trends were the best. Now you know it, too, don’t you?” Well, they are right. This year the 80’s come back again.

Therefore, let’s see what we should wear this year. First of all, you should know if you have ever dreamt about mixing clothes and accessories of different colours and styles, but you have never done it because you thought people would look at you like you were an alien, this year you are able to get your dream come true and you will be the most fashionable in town! Also, the bright colours are the best ones to choose. More than that, pick yellow and you will be everyone’s idol. Yellow is the color of 2017 and you can decide between every single shade of yellow and you will look wonderful.

Then, what a surprise! The stripes are back again. Well, the black and white stripes are the classic ones, so I think they have always been in trend, but this year you can wear any kind of clothes with a stripe design and feel proud to have it. Moreover, remember your dad’s old suit in banker stripes’ style? You can tell him he can wear it again. You can do it, too. Of course, not his suit. But you can wear the old shirts and pants designed with banker stripes and you will feel both classy and casual.

The single shoulder cutout. I have recently seen a photo on 9GAG with a girl on it wearing such a blouse and then a photo with it being sewn and the description sounded like this: „My father did not thought it had to be like this and he sewed it.” Well, it can surely happen to you, too, but, at least, it is funny. For safety, you can explain your mum, dad and grandparents that they do not have to be sewn.

The last thing (my favourite one): Florals. I have always been fond of floral clothes, but my friends kept telling me that they were not cool. Now they are! And I can wear them without doubts. The shops are full of floral clothes, for both men and women. Feel free to wear floral shoes or floral bags, because there is not too much floral this year.

 But remember: no matter what fashion tells you, you can wear everything makes you comfortable. You do not have to wear something just because it is fashionable if you do not feel okay in your clothes. People will like you as you are and they will appreciate your original and personal style.

Mihaela Guțu


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