Ilinca, an Offspring of the New Generation

I’m walking on the street, raising my eyes towards each passer-by.  Faces ground by life’s sorrows, empty regards without any twinkle of hope. Men crooked by sweat are letting their eyes down, they don’t dare to look to the sky,  not to make wishes or to hope. It is a gray afternoon, the sky is about to cry on the people’s shoulders.

In this landscape,  in which any form of aspiration is absent, a piercing glance, a lithe body with a special chastity, a smile that reminds me of an Eminescu’s beauty goddess.  A young woman full of hopes, with high goals, who seeks personal growth as a goal for her life, who wants to be noticed and to make use of the aptitudes that divinity has given her.  Ilinca Mihaila, for she is the person we are talking about,  is a teenager with a bright future in front of her. Just 16 years old, she is already aware of her skils and is also able to develop qualities that we either don’t have, either we come across too late.

Our young woman, although too modest in my opinion,  is able to transform any feeling, any mood and any thought that crosses her mind into a various color scheme. She manages to build a touchable universe for her experiences.  Her drawings reflect her thoughts.  Just as the world was created from small mineral particles, she starts from an idea, from a point that she eventually gives contour to mentally.  The mental plan being clear she then brings to life what the mind has designed.

The result is breathtaking. It makes you think, it makes you want to try the enigma behind her drawings – sometimes you get it right, other times you ar far from what the painting truly means. The fact is that her artwork, for I dare to call it that way, is passing a message, is passing a variety of feelings and takes your mind to the highest peaks of the creativity.

Ilinca is fascinated by the first decades of the XXth century. She has bold dreams. She is mesmerized by the characteristic style of the 20’s and 50’s, she dreams of resurrecting these nuances and to make them known to the present.

Even though she studies mathematics-informatics at one of the best high schools in Bacau, Ilinca manages to elegantly to intertwine her school life with her passion. She is friendly, daring,  you can’t be bored when talking to her. In a low-pitched world, there is a glimmer of an innovative talent who withstands the prejudice that the nowadays youths are less interested in art, culture or beauty. Her artistic vision can be a Big Bang for the new wave among the young generation.

Maria-Ștefania Puțeanu

translated by Ștefana Bostan


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