You Are A Woman, You Are Beautiful, You Are Perfect!

You are a woman, you are beginning and ending, you are passion and longing, you are an angel of love and a queen among flowers…

If you will ever wonder which is the most beautiful gift that you have ever received from God learn that it is having made you a woman. A beautiful, strong one, sweet like the smile of a child, bright as a summer day, and charming as an ancient fairy tale.  He has made you a woman for you know to love like no one else does, with a passion that crosses the infinite. You know how to fall down, then rise with dignity, as if you have not fell at all. He has created you to spread love, to give life and to write with capitals in the book of life.

 Today the sun emerged warmer and brighter than ever. The sun awaited both by our eyes that crave color, and by our hearts filled with love.

But the sun did not come empty handed, not even came he without announcing joy. He rose to celebrate the one who is the beginning of all beginnings, who is infinite kindness and endless love, her, the woman.

Today is the day when the whole universe bows at your feet, amazed by your perfection. Stop for a second and listen to the wind that whispers in your ear, gaze at the sky that beautifully baths your visage in its soft light, and smell the frail snowdrops which bear on each petal the scent of your delicate being.

Be glad you are a woman, and that you can turn the night into day, that in your eyes are built and collapsed castles. Be happy that time has given you many years to give love to the people you shelter under your heart.


Feel a woman, anytime, anywhere! Dare to break the patterns, to believe in your dreams and to go with them up high, over the infinite, if there is where they will come true.

Never forget you are special, unique under the sun, that there is no other being like yourself! Be glad that you are divine, and your beauty is everlasting.

In your eyes are born the wonders of the world, in your eyes dances the vitality, tears boil, happiness is being created. In your arms grows life, on your feet you sway the childhood, and in your hair are sifted all the seasons of life, leaving you with gray hair, but not less beautiful!

On your lips run caressing words, on them laugh loudly the sin, merging in a dance of immortality.

Live every day beautifully, for you deserve to be contemplated and loved endlessly.

Follow your noble role on this earth, today, tomorrow and every day, and be glad that there is a day when the sun rises only for you!

Today and every day is your day! Happy spring, Woman!

Cristina Morari

(translated by Gabriela Tăbăcaru)

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