Padis Karst Plateau – an Impressive Landscaping Area

General Data

This plateau (from Bihor county) is situated at a height of 1200-1400 m, and it constitutes one of the most precious, fancy, and impressive landscape area of the Apuseni Mountains and the Romanian Carpathians, possessing a rich and diversified range of karst phenomena. Among these can be noted by their greatness and frequency the sinkholes, keys, caves, potholes, and blind valleys.

Spre Cetatea Radesii (
To Radesii Citadel (

This touristic area is declared to be a natural reservation with a surface of 450 ha. From the Padis cottage, situated at an altitude of 1280 m, one may get to all the touristic places. The cottage is built under the top of the Motului Church.


The main touristic attractions

  • The citadels of Ponor, made by numerous sinkholes from a spring whose water forms a stream which crosses the Glade of Ponor (a small depression), and then it disappears in many hollows, a cave mouth in which a subterranean watercourse can be found etc.
  • Radesii Cotadel, with impressive karst forms, between which the main place is occupied by the Radesii Cave, with a monumental entrance shaped as a gothic portal high of 10 m. The cave’s ceiling has five breaches that function as true windows through which daylight penetrates, and the exit is made on a narrow corridor which communicates on the exterior with a large defile of almost 50 m. A touristic circuit named the Circuit of The Yellow One facilitates the visiting of some special landforms and karst phenomena: The Valley of Bradet, The Valley of Izbuc, Ponor Glade, In Citadels, At the Balconies, The Citadels Valley, Rachita Peak etc.
  • The Pit from Barsa is a dingle within the Padis Plateau, drained by a small stream, with an extremely picturesque appearance, at the edge of which lies Ghetarul Barsa Cave. AT 14 km away from the Padis cottage there is  a karst plateau named The Lost World, which is very wild, presenting numerous and difficult potholes, sinkholes, blind valleys etc.
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