The Prayer – The Living Fiber of Each of Us

When life is hard, when the sad moments keep bothering you, and trouble does not leave you alone, there is a solution which will certainly bear fruit: the prayer. The sages say that we should pray in every moment of life, be it happy or sad, because it really helps, or at least it helps us to stand our ground. The prayer is the force through which we get energy, that energy we need in order to survive.


So when you fall, the only solution is to look up, to pray in your innermost thoughts, and with your heart open to Divinity, and then you should get up, advance firmly, and continue your way, but being more powerful and full-hearted this time. Prayer is the voice of the heart, and this voice is very strong if it’s honest; this voice is sacred, and if it’s uttered with hope, it will reach God. I strongly believe in this circuit of the prayer: it starts from the bottom, from someone calling for help, then it takes shape up there, it materializes, and comes back inevitably to the one who sent it, in order to come true.

A prayer is never lost, the power of thoughts is often stronger than the power of words, because the thought is a form of communication as well, it is always present and needed. The power of thought and the prayer we utter in our thoughts help us hope, it inspires us, it motivates us, and it gives us courage, it allows us to dream, to go beyond the boundaries of reality. Therefore, there is an “I” inside of us, an “I” that makes us strong, that works for us, prays for us, lives every moment, every heartbeat, every pulse intensely. This “I” utters powerful prayers when the soul needs a dialogue with Divinity.

A proverb says that a prayer is a reliable aid, the most loyal and patient friend. So as long as you travel the world, dare to believe in the power of prayers. Always pray, in weal or woe!

Maria Bocicov (translated by Raluca Marin)

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