Between Respecting, Respecting yourself, and Being Respected

respect1Respect is the attitude of consideration for yourself and for others, and a quality which is as valuable as love. When people have suffered from love, friendship and respect where the ones to heal the wounds… As Lev Tolstoi said in his famous work “Anna Karenina”, “Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.”

I believe that respect is a value in the true sense, a value which should be promoted more often and better among children, young people, and others; it is a value which underlies love, because, if there is no respect in love, it fades away, it falls apart slowly.

Respecting someone means accepting his ideas, feelings, and needs, but also cherishing them. You show and demonstrate this through your attitude and behavior, and it is one of those things that money cannot buy.

It is said that respect must be earned, so in order to be respected, we should give it as well an honest and real respect. Respect should be present in any type of social group, in family, in couple, everywhere. However, I shall mention here that we should never put respect towards others before self-respect. By respecting ourselves we learn how to respect others, and they learn how to behave towards us respectively. In order to be respected, you should give respect.

It has been proved that those who have low self esteem, are not successful in life, because they are not brave enough to ask for what they desire, because they underestimate themselves, and do not believe in the power they have when they want to get something.

respectA good education is based on the cultivation of this golden quality: respect. By respecting others we teach them a lesson of discipline, we show them that we have a good education. Moreover, it is wonderful to be surrounded by respect, to build new social relationships with the help of this quality, and not through asserting yourself, or by using other methods. So give respect in order to get it back, and, by all means, respect yourself for other people to do the same.

Maria Bocicov (translated by Raluca Marin)

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