A Story about Hope

Ihopet was summer when my heart was torn into pieces, without my consent. It was left in the fields, forsaken and forgotten by everyone. Heavy rains drenched it, they washed my wounds, and touched my scars. The sun warmed it mightily, blue flowers grew around it, birds warbled next to it and… nothing happened, my heart was lying inanimately on a field at the edge of my existence. All it had was Hope.

As the summer passed hastily, the green of the fields, the brightness of the sun, the warm summer rains, the clear sky and all the sanguinity around my heart faded away. A strong wind blew and knocked flowers to the ground, it blew off the leaves from the trees, it brought forth a gloomy autumn weather, and a nostalgia beyond compare rested upon the broken heart. The golden leaves fell on it, creating a warm carpet, but still nothing… the heart was not breathing, it was showing no sign of life. However, Hope went on taking care of it…

The first snow fell, and then others followed. The fiery frost made my heart freeze, and kept it like that — cold and covered in snow piles, right there, in the deserted fields. But Hope kept on waiting for better days, and it gave all of its warmth to my heart in order to survive.


One day, the spring came all of a sudden. The snow melted over my heart, the snowdrops sprouted around it, a spring rain sprinkled it with purity, the sun rose and warmed it gently. The mysterious and innocent song of the birds was always present, and the field turned green astonishingly fast. And what do you think? My heart recovered, the pain disappeared with the cold winter, and spring brought new hopes, living ones. My heart was no longer wounded, it only had scars. It was healed after three seasons of hardships. The recovery was complete with the arrival of spring, and my heart started to beat again intensely and peacefully, easing the soul.

This was the story of a heart healed by Hope and Time. Time passed, and Hope has never left my heart alone. With good reason, it is believed that God conceived Hope on the same day when he created Spring, because He wanted them to remain inside of us eternally, to give us strength, and to make us believe in a new beginning.

Some people say that Hope dies last. In fact, hope never dies…

Maria Bocicov (translated by Raluca Marin)

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