The Role of Women in Mass Media

There is no doubt that women have gained a high status in society, acquiring their independence and equality in relation to men. However, it is often considered that the image outlined by the media often becomes degrading, because the woman turns into a commercial object, meant to attract consumption and to increase the money collection process at a much higher level.


Presenting the woman in various aspects, in order to stimulate men’s interest or to draw attention to various boutiques, changes the real image built up by her, distorting the role she plays in society.

Moreover, an erroneous portrayal of the woman, as a simple attractive element for marketing strategy, can create a misperception of her from the vulnerable mindsets point of view. In this regard, teen girls are the ones that, by getting in touch with perfect women via television and Internet, tend to mold their desires and aspirations on wrong patterns which are offered to them. Thus, for many of them, the ideal woman is equivalent to that presented in advertisements, an artificial beauty which has a great impact on the way in which young girls appreciate beauty and understand their social status. In addition, the damage caused by using a faulty image of the woman can produce an intense concern for physical appearance among teen girls, to the detriment of education, which, unfortunately, can sometimes lead to health deterioration. Thus, they are tempted to resort to various diets which are not suited for the natural development process and which can cause diseases such as anorexia or depression.

On the other hand, the woman regarded as a symbol of beauty in the human horizon, can turn mass media into a means of enabling her to reach success by highlighting the strengths of her personality. Because they are the main source of information, television, Internet and media can be converted into main ways of promoting feminine traits, be they physical, but mostly intellectual.

It is noted that the media is involved in highlighting female activists who are mostly involved in aid campaigns. In this respect, media is the primary factor in making the conducted activity known, and in searching for the people eager to join them. If, on one hand, television gets a high rating by promoting beautiful and famous women who represent the icon of such campaigns, on the other hand, they benefit greatly from making the fight of their cause more effective.

So we can conclude that the role of women in media is of extreme importance because, with the help of her qualities, she gives a special touch to the promoting process. Regarding woman as an idealized projection or as a commercial object is actually up to each person’s own conduct…

Adelina-Mihaela Poenaru & Raluca Marin

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