Before Sunrise – A “Once Upon a Time” Story

Before Sunrise ScreencapI have observed that movies which transpose the intensity of emotions, of honest feelings, but which have a simple action, have been isolated to the detriment of those mushy movies which have a rich and spectacular action. A movie I have seen a long time ago has caught my eye, and I really enjoyed watching it again.

If you miss a romantic story with a simple action, but concentrated in a wide range of emotions, Before Sunrise would be an excellent choice. The movie was released in 1995, and it represents the beginning of a trilogy which presents the intensity of some feelings grown from the action of a simple love story.

The main characters of Before Sunrise are two youngsters, Jesse (Ethan Hawke), an American boy, and Celine (Julie Delphy), a French girl with different principles and ideals, but living each moment intensely is what makes them look alike. Their meeting is unusual – on a train bound for Vienna. In fact, the subject of their story does not involve a tension of the events. There are no certain events: after fate has brought them face to face, they decide to spend a night in Vienna, walking along the streets, trying to know each other better.

Topics such as life, death, love or reincarnation bring them closer to each other, and they come to realize that strong feelings arise beyond their conversation. They cannot define them but they show them through an intense and vivid kiss. So they decide to meet again six months later on the same railway station where they say au revoire to each other at the end of their date.

Before Sunrise was followed by Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013), also directed by Richard Linklater, and it was nominated and awarded at Berlin.

For those who have the patience to watch the deep conversations of two youngsters who have hardly met: Enjoy the movie!

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